Beechwood North Pool

  • The Beechwood North Recreation Centre offers a heated outdoor pool with two trained lifeguards on duty. Open 7 days a week from June to September.

  • Dedicated Adult Swim time is available at scheduled times throughout the summer.

  • Swimming Lessons are provided by certified instructors for all levels of the Canadian Red Cross Swim Program.

Swimming Lessons

BNHA offers two types of Swimming Lessons: Group Swimming Lessons and Private/Semi-Private Swimming Lessons.

Lessons are provided by certified instructors from the Red Cross Swim Program. Lessons range from "Parent and Tot" (4-24 months) up to Level 10. Swim levels:

  • Parent & Tot Lessons: 4-24 months

    • Children under 2 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the pool.

    • Parent & Tot lessons are only available during morning sessions.

  • Swim Preschool: 2 - 4 years

  • Swim Kids: 5+ years

Group Swimming Lessons

Group Swimming Lessons are available in 5-day sessions from July 4th to August 26th, either in the Morning or Evening time slots. Each daily lesson is 30-minutes in length (45-minutes for older kids): Register here

  • Morning Sessions: 10am-12pm (Parent & Tot only available during mornings)

  • Evening Sessions: 5pm-6:45pm

Group Swimming Lesson Sessions:

  • Session 1: Monday, July 4 to Friday, July 8

  • Session 2: Monday, July 11 to Friday, July 15

  • Session 3: Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22

  • Session 4: Monday, July 25 to Friday, July 29

  • Session 5: Monday, Aug 1 to Friday, Aug 5 (Note: Swim lessons run on the Aug 1 holiday)

  • Session 6: Monday, Aug 8 to Friday, Aug 12

  • Session 7: Monday, Aug 15 to Friday, Aug 19

  • Session 8: Monday, Aug 22 to Friday, Aug 26

Group Swim Lesson Fees:

  • Members: $25/child for a 5-lesson session. Each additional child $15

  • Non-members: $45/child for a 5-lesson session

Private/Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Private/Semi-Private Swimming Lessons are currently available on weekdays (Monday-Friday) in 30-min slots. There are two slots available in the morning and one in the evening: Register here

  • Morning Private/Semi-Private Lesson Slots: Monday-Friday 8am-8:30am / 8:30am-9am

  • Evening Private/Semi-Private Lesson Slots: Monday-Friday 8pm-8:30pm

Private/Semi-Private Lesson slots available for July 2022 are at the following link.

Private Swim Lesson Fees:

  • Members: $30/child per 30 mins-session. Buy 5 private lessons or more: $18/child per 30 mins session

  • Non-members $45/child per 30 minute session

Semi-private lessons: Must enroll at least 2 children

  • Members: $18/child per 30 mins session. Buy 5 semi-private lessons or more: $12/child per 30 mins session

  • Non-members $35/child per 30 minute session

Any questions about lessons? Please complete our 'Contact Us' form.

Lesson registration must be received the Thursday before session start date. Group lesson information will be posted at the pool the Friday before the lesson session.

Payments can be made by cheque delivered to the Pool mailbox/guard office OR by e-transfer (preferred) to membership@beechwoodnorth.com

Pool Schedule

The pool schedule for 2022 is below.

Children's Camp

BNHA offers two children’s camps during the summer for current members: The Start-of-Summer and End-of-Summer camps. Different programming is provided for the Junior Camp (4 to 8 years old; Born 2014 to 2018) and Senior Camp (9 to 14 years old; Born 2008 to 2013):

  • Start-of-Summer Camp: Tuesday, June 28th to Thursday, June 30th (Three days)

    • 9:00am to 12:30pm

  • $60 per child for all three days or $30 per day

  • End-of-Summer Camp: Monday, August 29th to Friday, September 2nd (Five days)

    • 9:00 am to 12:30pm

    • $90 per child for the week or $30 per day

Camps are available for current members only. Members can register their child(ren) at the following link: Register here

Beechwood North Pool Policies

Our priority is to maintain a safe and fun environment at the pool at all times. Please be sure to adhere to the Pool Rules posted on our website and at the facilities, as well as our Pool Guest Policy:

Pool Rules

All members and their guests must comply with the following rules at all times, which are posted at the pool (‘Pool Rules’):

  • Non-swimmers must stay in the shallow end under direct supervision of a parent or guardian (over the age of 12) and must be within arms reach of a parent or guardian OR wearing an approved life saving device.

  • Instructions from the BNHA lifeguard staff must be complied with to ensure the safety of swimmers at the pool. One long whistle blast means ‘emergency’ and in these cases, individuals must clear the pool area in an orderly fashion.

  • All persons using the swimming pool must take a shower before entering the pool. (As required by the Ontario Public Health Act for public pools)

  • Any person having an infectious or communicative disease is prohibited from using a public pool.

  • Footwear must be removed before entering the pool area. (Shoe racks are provided)

  • No person may bring a glass container onto the deck or in the pool.

  • No food is allowed inside the pool enclosure. (Food can be consumed in the picnic table area) Please note the Beechwood North facilities are a NUT FREE space.

  • No Diving head first into the pool. (Pool depth does not meet minimum requirements)

  • No Running on the pool deck.

  • Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose or discharging bodily wastes in the pool is strictly prohibited.

  • Maximum of 50 people can be admitted to the pool area.

  • The emergency telephone is located in the office.

  • Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the pool area. (Only approved service animals)

Thank you for your help in maintaining a safe and fun environment at the pool!

Public Health Admission Standards

Region of Waterloo Public Health provides Admissions Standards for public pools. These standards require parents or guardians (at least 12 years of age) to assist staff in the supervision of young children, with the following supervision requirements:

  • Children aged 0-5: Two children to one guardian (2:1).

  • Children aged 6-9 who are non-swimmers: Four children to one guardian (4:1), or eight children with life jackets to one guardian (8:1).

  • Children aged 8+ who have either passed Swim Kids 4 or who have passed the Deep End Swim Test are permitted to swim at Beechwood North Pool without a parent or guardian.

    • Beechwood North Pool Deep End Swim Test: Children must be able to swim 2 widths of front crawl (face in) and be able to tread water for 45 seconds (head above water).

Pool Guest Policy

BNHA members are welcome to bring guests to the pool and tennis courts. Please adhere to the following guest policy for the pool:

  • We kindly ask that all members introduce guests using the pool to the guards and sign-in guests using the sign-in form that will be available from the lifeguards.

  • Guests must be accompanied by a BNHA member throughout the visit.

  • In rare instances when the pool area is at full capacity (maximum of 50 in the pool area), guests may be asked to return at a later time. We expect this would only happen in rare circumstances. Guests already admitted to the pool before it reached capacity would not be asked until at least one hour of using the pool facilities.

The intent of this policy is to allow our members and their guests to have the best possible experience at the pool, while maintaining the opportunity for paid members to use the pool facilities during busy periods.

Pool ‘Preview Days’ for Local Non-Members

For Beechwood North area residents who are not currently BNHA members, we will be offering three ‘Pool Preview Days’ throughout the summer when you can be admitted to the pool as a guest of a current BNHA member.

  • Beechwood North Resident ‘Pool Preview Days’:

    • Thursday, June 30th - Open Swim 1pm-8pm

    • Thursday, July 28th - Open Swim 1pm-8pm

    • Thursday, August 25th - Open Swim 1pm-8pm

Local neighbours: Come check out the pool and see what everyone is talking about!