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Membership Rates

Registration fees are used to maintain and operate our facilities at 326 Beechlawn Drive, while giving members access to the pool, tennis courts, and exclusive events and activities:

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President's Note About 2023 Rates

This year, we know that rising costs will impact both the Association and our members. While we have increased rates for 2023, we have tried to minimize the impact on our members as much as possible.

Since the last increase to membership rates five years ago in 2019, the minimum wage has increased by 11% while inflation has increased by 12% leading to increased costs to run the facilities.

Membership rates for 2023 are set to increase by 5.4% for Adult / Grandparent members and by 5.8% for Family members. 

We hope that you continue to find good value in your membership as we again open the pool from May to September while continuing to host member-exclusive events and social activities throughout the year. 

- Rob Craig, BNHA President

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