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Beechwood North Homes Association is a not-for-profit community organization funded by our members.

Established in 1976, the Association has helped to create lifelong memories for many generations of families in our community. All residents of Beechwood North are eligible to join as local members.

Registration fees are used to operate and maintain the facilities. The membership model also allows us to provide reduced prices for swimming lessons and tennis lessons, and gives members access to exclusive events and activities.

Registration for 2023 will begin in April 2023.

Annual Membership Rates 2022

  • Family Membership - Residents of properties in Beechwood North, with children <16 years: $520

  • Adult or Grandparent Membership - For resident families with all home occupants aged 16+: $332

  • Associate Family Membership - Not available for 2022 at this time; Please complete our 'Contact Us' form to join our wait list

Associate Member Waitlist

  • Looking to become a new Associate Member?

    • We currently have a wait list for Associate Members for 2023. Contact Us below using 'Associate Membership Request' as the Subject and our membership team will be in touch.