BNHA has implemented a pool reservation system to ensure that capacity is kept at a level allowing proper social distancing. We ask your cooperation in following the new system, as well as your patience at the pool in the execution of these new social distancing policies.

How do I use the reservation system?

Slots can be reserved online using our new Pool Reservation system. 

  1. Select whether you want to reserve an Open Swim or Adult Swim slot.
  2. Select which slot you will reserve, Pool Slot A or Pool Slot B. (There is no difference between A and B, this is just to control having 2 slots per time period.  This has no real-world impact i.e. no "pool A" or "pool B" areas at the pool).
  3. Select the desired date and time for your reservation.
  4. Provide your contact information and number of swimmers and non-swimmers.

You will receive an email notification confirming your reservation. You may also receive reservation reminder emails (depending on how far in advance you book.)

Booked slots are also visible in the BNHA Community Calendar.

How does the reservation system work?

  • 1-hour slots. Reservations are made in 1-hour slots. As part of your reservation you will indicate both the number of swimmers and non-swimmers so that proper capacity limits can be maintained.
  • 2 reservations per time slot. Each 1-hour time slot can have two reservations booked. A reservation should be for one family or social bubble. 
  • No overbooking. Please do not reserve back-to-back slots to ensure that all members have an opportunity to use the pool. Additionally please do not book more than 1 slot on the same day. BNHA reserves the right to enforce further restrictions if members abuse the reservation system.
  • Available 7 calendar days in advance. Slots will be made available for booking beginning 7 days ahead of time.
  • Swimmers without reservations will be admitted if there is unreserved capacity. Those arriving at the pool without a reserved slot will be placed on a wait list and admitted if there is capacity available. Please do NOT congregate in the covered picnic table area by the pool entrance. Those waiting for swimming must still practice social distancing.
  • Arrive on time for reservations.  Please arrive in time for the start of your reserved time slot. If reservations holders do not arrive in a timely manner their spots may be given to those on the waitlist. 
  • Guards will ask you to leave towards the end of your slot. Due to the need to clean and disinfect between time slots, you will be asked to exit the pool area slightly before the end of your hour time slot. Please be courteous in exiting in a timely manner so that the pool can be ready for the next people to enjoy.

​What should I expect when I arrive at the pool?

  • Sign-in and COVID screening. You will need to sign-in and complete a screening questionnaire each time you are admitted to the pool area . This is an essential part of tracking potential exposure should any COVID-19 cases occur.
  • Hand sanitization required. Anyone entering or leaving the pool area will be required to use hand sanitizer.
  • Note that keycards will not be activated this year as all members are required to complete screening upon arrival to the facility.
  • No community pool toys available. You may bring your own toys for your own use, but the normal community items will not be available.
  • Pool deck seating IS available. The chairs and tables poolside will be available for use. They will be disinfected between each use. You are welcome to bring your own chairs if you prefer.