Cash and/or cheques can be hand delivered to 271 Beechlawn Drive and placed in the mailbox.

 **NEW**  E-transfers are now accepted.  Please complete the online renewal and select "etransfer" as method of payment.  Email your membership payment to (no question/password required) 

Cheques payable to BNHA can also be placed in the mailbox at the pool.  If doing so during times of the season when the facility is not in use, please                        to let us know so we check the mailbox. 


Support YOUR community's voice!!

Stay connected with your neighbours

Take advantage of the many services we offer

Keep our link to the city strong!


Family Membership - residents of properties in Beechwood North, where there are children <16 years - $520

Associate Family Membership - not residing in Beechwood North, but having children <16 years - $520 

Adult/Grandparent Membership - for resident families with all home occupants 16+ who would like to take advantage of our tennis courts and swimming facilities.  Bring your grandchildren for a swim!) - $332 

Associate Adult/Grandparent Membership - same as above, but not a resident of Beechwood North - $332 

One time Gift Donation - We are always very grateful for one time donations in any amount made out to BNHA.  Cheques can be placed in the mailbox at 271 Beechlawn Drive.  Please write "donation" on the cheque in the notes section.  Unfortunately, while we are grateful for donations, amounts less than the cost of a membership do not grant the giver voting privileges during Association meetings. 

Click on the registration form to join now.  Cheques can be made payable to BNHA.  E-transfers now accepted (email to, no question/password required)

​***Please note that Associate Memberships are no longer available for 2021.***

Beechwood North Neighbourhood - Parkgreen, Beechlawn, Stillmeadow & Clairbrook - please fill out the form and send in your membership payment.